Joyce Meyers’ Official Statement About “The Bling”

November 17, 2007

The bling is, of course, just a term I have used to talk about money and items used for ministry in the past few days. Great huh? haha. Anyway, earlier this week I posted about different TV ministries that were under financial investigation. Below is a section of the official statement made by the Joyce Meyer Ministries regarding the inquiry letter they recieved for financial things.

I’m very proud of the way they handled it on the ministry end and respect them for it! Check out the article or just read the section below!

What do you think?

JMM has been committed to helping hurting people for more than 20 years, and is proud to point out that in 2006, 82% of its total expenses were used for outreach and program services directed toward reaching people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as attested by independent accounting firm Stanfield & O’Dell, LLP.

JMM provided more than 11 million meals in 2006, and built nearly 200 freshwater wells and churches in underdeveloped countries. The ministry fully funds and operates more than 50 orphanages around the world, and presents the Gospel to a potential audience of 3 billion people every day via its television program.”


One comment

  1. Some ‘easy green’ things are really simple. Look at your trash (at home AND at work) – are you separating and recycling the stuff that you can? Also, to take another step, you could start a recycling collection for neighbors to save them the hassle of taking it to the recycle station. This might also let you get to know your neighbors and start a …. Relationship!! Saving/conserving resources is also easy to do. Turning off lights, taking shorter showers, and adjusting the ac/heat just a little can make a difference. Go to a park and pick up trash. Reuse your grocery sacks or invest in fabric bags. Really, I think that this is just like anything else: when your heart is in the right place, God will help you do the right thing. Bless you in your journey!

    Wouldn’t it be cool to see an ‘organic’ ministry? A ministry that adds nothing artificial and delivers nothing watered down?

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