The Green Faith: Churches going NUTS over the environment

May 16, 2007

I have been thinking seriously about the idea of green ministry.

You look at churches such as Imago Dei, in Portland Oregon, that are leading the way in the church movement saying we understand and see a real value in stewarding the physical world around us.

By offering alternatives to the community in organic foods and other environmentally friendly ministries, they are creating a culture within their church that is far different from most.

The tendency of most church leaders is to say that as Pastors and leaders we have no right getting our noses involved in something that really has nothing to do with our purpose of sharing the gospel with those around us.

I couldn’t disagree more. The truth is that as church leaders we are to be committed to sharing the message of Jesus Christ with every person we come in contact with. That is our purpose and strategy. However that does not belittle the value of taking care the world we live in.

I think it is time for the church to step up and become serious about stewarding the world that we live in.

Will it be easy? No. People will accuse the church of causing change simply for the purpose of attracting a new crowd of people. Great!

Let’s attract them, let’s see God impact them and lead them to salvation, let’s see them discipled into reproducing believers, but at the same time lets take care of this world we’ve been given.

It’s not liberal, it’s not conservative, it’s biblical.



  1. I am totally on board Seth. In Genesis 1:28, we learn of Adam’s call to have dominion over the animals and subdue the earth. The greek words here mean to rule, begin (to be first in polictical rank or power) and to be lord or master of (to rule). And we know what Jesus teaches us, by both word and action, about being first and being master – he that is first should be last, and he that leads should serve. I think it is time for the church to step up and begin leading by serving in God’s creation.

  2. That’s a good word! We have individuals in our church who are doing green things – which rocks. Do you have any easy things to introduce others in the church with their first steps into green. And I mean things that are legit green – not “hybrid civic” pseudo-green. Thanks much!

  3. Some ‘easy green’ things are really simple. Look at your trash (at home AND at work) – are you separating and recycling the stuff that you can? Also, to take another step, you could start a recycling collection for neighbors to save them the hassle of taking it to the recycle station. This might also let you get to know your neighbors and start a …. Relationship!! Saving/conserving resources is also easy to do. Turning off lights, taking shorter showers, and adjusting the ac/heat just a little can make a difference. Go to a park and pick up trash. Reuse your grocery sacks or invest in fabric bags. Really, I think that this is just like anything else: when your heart is in the right place, God will help you do the right thing. Bless you in your journey!

    Wouldn’t it be cool to see an ‘organic’ ministry? A ministry that adds nothing artificial and delivers nothing watered down?

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